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Why Hadley Partners

Significant transactions like selling your business, financing your growth, buying a competitor or simply evaluating your options can have a significant impact on the value of your enterprise.  So what should you look for when choosing a financial advisor?

World-class personnel and transactional experience
Each of our senior bankers has significant investment banking experience; we honed our skills executing hundreds of transactions – everything from middle-market M&A to multi-billion-dollar financings – and we deliver this world-class know-how to our clients every day.  Unlike many of our competitors, at least one of our senior bankers plays a leading hands-on role on each of our assignments.

True relationship orientation
At Hadley Partners, all our managing directors are either shareholders in the firm or are on a trajectory to acquire an ownership stake in our business.  We are truly motivated to build the best firm that we can, and to develop long-term relationships with growing businesses, outstanding entrepreneurs and capable investors.  We would rather help you execute the right transaction 10 years from now than push you toward the wrong deal now.

Extensive market reach
We have relationships with over 1,100 institutional investors and we invest significant time in maintaining and growing these relationships. We also enjoy dialogues with key strategic parties across several industries.  Our active market involvement provides us with unique insights that we use for the benefit of our clients.

Diligent and tenacious on behalf of our clients
Once we take on an engagement, we do everything we can to ensure a successful outcome.  We are diligent in studying your business and we think constantly about how to improve your investment thesis and positioning.  We are meticulous in our drafting of offering materials and in preparing management teams to meet with third parties.  Our team works tenaciously to achieve your goals. While most of our assignments go smoothly, we thrive in challenging situations and negotiations; when the going gets tough we are just getting started!

Honest and unbiased advice
We commit to uphold the highest ethical standards on each engagement – from the initial meeting and pitch to the final negotiations.   We never tell potential clients what they want to hear in order to win an engagement – a ‘bait and switch’ tactic that we often see in our industry.  Our clients can count on getting honest feedback from us at all times.  We are honest, we work hard, and we scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest .