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Industry Expertise

The bankers at Hadley Partners have done significant work in a wide variety of industries spanning over two decades.  We have significant industry experience in sectors including:

  • Food and consumer products
  • Restaurant and foodservice businesses
  • Media and entertainment companies, particularly software, service and equipment providers selling into the media ecosystem
  • Telecommunications and wireless service providers
  • Internet services and software
  • Businesses targeting the All-Natural, Organic, and U.S. Hispanic consumer markets
  • Retail and distribution companies
  • Service companies, both business and consumer oriented
  • Light manufacturing and industrial concerns
  • Selected energy (including clean and renewable)

Beyond our industry experience, Hadley Partners’ clients also benefit from our general business experience and insight.  We ourselves are entrepreneurs as we build our investment banking business.  We understand the difficulties of making decisions in the face of uncertainty and incomplete information.  We are world-class investment bankers, but frequently our clients also benefit from our insights into such fundamental decisions such as whether to go to market now or to wait a while longer.